Getting started: Purchasing

Ready to purchase? Here are some basic tips that will make the process much easier.

1. Register or Sign in

Registration is quick and easy. Create and save information in your profile, then just sign in every time you are ready to search, save and purchase licenses for media.


2. Calculate price

Prices for royalty-free licensing are based on size, and are available right when you select an image. Rights-managed licensing requires a few extra clicks in the pricing calculator to define usage specifications and establish pricing.


3. Check out and download

Download for preview, bill to an established account or purchase using a credit card. After downloading an image, open it in a photo editing program to see the accurate file size.


Creative images

Professionally-shot and user-generated stock photos that offer both conceptual and real-life content. Available for commercial use.

Editorial images

Current and archival photos of newsworthy events in news, sport and entertainment. Additional clearances may be required for commercial use.


Highly stylized, with high production value, rights-managed (RM) images come from our premier collections. RM content is priced and licensed based on usage – some can be licensed with exclusive rights.


Our royalty-free (RF) images span a range of popular themes and collections, with both professionally shot and user-generated photos. RF content offers affordable pricing based on image size, and can be used in any application – for as long as you like, in as many different projects as you like.

Common topics
TopicThe scoop
Buying an image When you make a purchase, you are actually buying a license for an image. To purchase a license for imagery, please create an account through our quick registration process.
Pricing an image Royalty-free pricing is available right when you click the image in your search results. Rights-managed pricing is calculated after you click an image and specify your usage.
Downloading your image If you are having trouble downloading your image post-purchase, it may be due to a pop-up blocker on your browser. Also, to see the full size of your image, open it in a photo editing program.
Assigning an image license During the purchase process, you will designate either yourself, your organization or a third party as licensee. You or the third party then becomes the owner of the specified license for a particular image.
Billing or account questions If you encounter any problems while making a purchase with an existing account, please contact one of our chat representatives for real-time assistance.